Punggol Waterway at Punggol Road

01 Sep

Middle Section of My Waterway @Punggol

The correct name for the Punggol Waterway is My Waterway @Punggol. I went by Punggol Road yesterday and passed by the middle section of My Waterway @Punggol. Construction is still on-going. On both sides of the canal, the higher slopes are barren. I hope they plant the grasses soon to prevent soil erosion. On the right side of the landscape are urban housing while on the left side, the land is still bare with a backdrop of casurina trees in the distance.

A look at the current progress.

punggol waterway

My Waterway @Punggol

punggol waterway

A Closer look

my wateway @punggol

My Waterway @Punggol

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