Punggol Beach on a Weekday

31 Aug

The best thing about going to Punggol Beach on a weekday – or any beach for that matter – there are lesser people about.

Whew! Haven’t cycle for over a month and the effect shows. Lesson learnt – always go slow if haven’t exercise for a long time and bring that isotonic drink along, water is not sufficient.

An update of Punggol Promenade at Punggol Beach. That place is securely barricaded with orange netting all over. There are a group of people on the viewing platform at Punggol Jetty today. Maybe staff from URA, National Parks, PUB and the construction company inspecting on the works in progress. The walkway next to the police post, on the left side of the jetty, is also barricaded with orange tape. Maybe because there is new cement being laid.

Other than that – lots of people waiting for boats at the jetty. Lots of debris on the beach and in the water. Cloudy day today don’t make for good photos but there are a few interesting sightings.

Enjoy the pictures! Have a great a weekend ahead!

Cloudy weather at Punggol Beach

rocky beach

Low angle view of incoming tides at Punggol Beach

Lots of people at Punggol Jetty

Airplane doing military exercise

monitor lizard

Iguana among the foliage

Not a shy iguana - no hint of fear

Iguana at the beach looking for food.

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