Hermit Crabs Fighting

25 Jul

While I was at Coney Island, Singapore, last saturday, I had a few amusing encounters.

One of them was watching two hermit crabs fighting. Or rather one instigating a fight. See the pictures for the story.

One ambitious hermit crab on a mission to fight and conquer…

Yo, brother! I like your shell and I want it now!

It saw something it liked. A case of “someone else’s is better than mine”.

That other hermit crab seeing the stranger reacted “Go away! You have your own shell. I am keeping mine!”

I am going to crack you, buddy!

And the fight continued. “You can try, buddy. But you are not going to win. Yawn…..”.

Ready to give up yet, buddy?

“I will claw, stab and poke until you give up!”

“Is that the best you can do? All talk and no bite? Get lost, kid! You haven’t seen anything yet!”

You are a spoilt spot, buddy!

Surprisingly, the trouble maker who instigated the fight was the first to give up. A departing shot “You are no fun to play”.

And the mild fellow who was just defending his shell replied with this shot “Who is the sour loser now?”

I hope you have an entertaining week ahead!

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