The Long and Winding Road

15 Jun

I was searching through my archives for a picture to use as an icon. Then I stumbled into this old photo.

Mount John, Tekapo

Mount John, Tekapo

It reminds me of so many memories. That picture was taken in Tekapo, New Zealand. The long and winding road path led to Mount John, the Observatory. There were plenty of moments reflecting on life, success and failure, to be or not to be, stubbornness and acceptance, strength and weaknesses and the tribulations in life.

My knees were badly swollen even before I climbed up the hill. That was due to hiking the Queen Charlotte Track a few days before. But I was determined to hike up the hill. That was why I booked a two-night stay at Tekapo so there would be a free day for exploring the area.

Did I climbed up all the way to Mount John? Nope. This spot was exactly where I stopped. Took a long breath and soaked in the moment. Took pictures of the surrounding area. Looked down on Lake Tekapo below. What a view! I had achieved what I had set up to do. Climb up the hill? Yes, I did. Did I fail in reaching the objective? Nope. I just changed my perspective of life. At every step in the long and winding road of that journey, there was always something to see, smile, ponder and simply stare.

It just leads me to think, no matter what path we head to, there are moments that simply beg to stand still.

Life is never a straightforward road, just journeys of discovery.

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