Lone Photographer

13 Jun

It has been a while since I do an article write-up. Time is always short and the clock is always ticking. I wonder, how do you get into photography? Do you do outdoors photo shoot alone or with company? Go out when inspiration comes by or just shoot randomly whatever is on scene?

My own answers to these questions :

– I always enjoy taking pictures, even at a young age. I have a newspaper article on women photographers saved way back when this was written in the 80s.
– I prefer doing outdoor photo shoot alone. Not everyone can be patient waiting for the photographer to simply watch the light and catch the moment on camera.
– Nowadays I go out when I feel like going out and have a particular theme or place in mind. Otherwise if I am so so tired, there is no point in going out because the pictures turn out awful and not what I have in mind.

Going out on a photo shoot alone has both its rewards and its dangers. Rewards in the sense you are totally free to roam without having to consult somebody and make plans as and when you want to. The freedom and flexibility are intoxicating. On the other hand, being out alone has its demerit points too. I will highlight a few things :

Disadvantages that a Lone Photographer faces :

  • Nobody else to help carry the camera equipments and accessories
  • Getting lost – no one to consult and be the sounding board
  • If you get hurt, there is nobody to rely on to call or search for help
  • In unfamiliar cities, doing night shoot alone in isolated places is a scream for danger and a receipt for disaster
  • Boredom or loneliness can wipe away all the enthusiasm for the project

I would advise a few things before going somewhere alone.

Tips for the Lone Photographer :

  • Do a thorough research of the location before heading out alone. Always bring along a map in a waterproof bag.
  • Always inform someone of your whereabouts. If out on a wilderness, inform and write your details and plans at the ranger’s book. Also advisable to get a location beacon.
  • Learn some basic survival skills. A whistle does not take much space and weight. A swiss army knife or a penknife is for survival and vital in any given situation.
  • A cell phone is good but batteries run out and signals may be blocked in some locations.
  • Listen to your gut. It is your survival instinct kicking in. If it is telling you to turn back now, do so with all haste.
  • As you progress in your journey, record the locations on the digital camera. It may proof to be the guiding light when you are lost, so record the landmarks.

Well I hope these points have given some ponder for thoughts. Be proactive but always practical about things in life.

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