Camera Setting : Scene Selection

30 May

Most cameras today, even the compacts, have a scene selection mode for taking pictures like sunset, landscape, night portrait and landscape, sports, fireworks, etc. This really helps when you are in a hurry and makes it easier in taking photographs.

So what if the actual scene looks rather dull? Any way to make it better? Well, there are some ways.

Yesterday, I posted sunset photos at Serangoon River, Lorong Halus Wetland. The actual colour of the scenery is rather like this picture.

Grey clouds blanketed the top half of the horizon except for a thin ribbon of golden rays on the lower frame. Technical specs :

Aperture : F11
Shutter : 1/60 secs
White Balance : Auto
Picture Mode : Natural
Exposure : 0
ISO : 400
Saturation : +1

But when the camera was selected to Sunset, this is the result :

Technical specs :
Aperture : F6.3
Shutter : 1/125 secs
Picture Mode : Vivid
White Balance : 6000k
Exposure : -0.7 EV
ISO : 100
Saturation : +2

Not easy to remember the setting when you are lost in the moment trying to capture the picture. Which is why I think the scene selection modes in the camera settings are fantastic!

Not all is lost when the the sky is rather dull. If there is some sliver or glow of light somewhere, just aim the camera in that direction and see how best to capture the image by selecting the right setting.

Have fun shooting!

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