Fishing at Lorong Halus

28 May

Last Saturday I was at the Lorong Halus Wetland. Visited the place again today for another look. This time ventured a little further to the dam and see the scenery beyond. There were people fishing there, at the other side of the dam, facing Pulau Ubin coastline. This place was very popular with fishing buddies even before the place was reconstructed into a wetland. There was also a tar road which I suspected led to Pasir Ris because I saw people coming from there.

The Serangoon River has been dammed and is now a reservoir. Don’t think fishing is allowed here. Certainly did not see people fishing there. Instead, people were fishing on the other side of the dam as shown in the second and third photos. On the horizon is Pulau Ubin coastline. I was just there about two weeks ago.

To reach here, cross the red bridge at the Lorong Halus Wetland. Turn left, follow the gravel path. There is no lights here so walk, jog or cycle here only when there is sufficient daylight. Slipper, flips flops and heels are not suitable for walking. Try track or running shoes instead. Certain sections can be muddy due to the rain. Walking distance is about 15-20 minutes from the red bridge.

How to get here

By Bus and MRT, LRT

From Sengkang Interchange, take bus 83. Stop at Riviera LRT station. For those taking MRT, stop at Punggol MRT, switch to LRT and alight at Riviera. Walk pass the temple and you are on the way to Lorong Halus Wetland.

By Walking from Sengkang

Between Rivervale Drive (near Blk 187B) and Punggol (near Blk 116), there is a pedestrian bridge over the TPE. Cross the bridge, pass the basketball court, turn right, walk straight along the school fence. Cross the road and walk along the pedestrian walkway. Cross another road and you can see the temple from here. Head there. There is another way at the other end of Rivervale Drive, nearer to Rivervale Plaza, along the river. The place is still boarded but a section is open but there is no lights installed yet.

Have fun on the nature walk. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

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