Landscape or Portrait?

26 May

How do you prefer your shot? In landscape format or portrait format?

Twilight at Lorong Halus Wetland

I used to like photographing images in horizontal or landscape modes. But lately since I noticed something, I tend to take pictures by tilting the camera vertically instead.


Because looking at the viewfinder, I find that pictures taken that way capture the richness and hue of the scenery a whole lot closer to the actual scene than when taken horizontally. And post processing takes lesser time in getting the best result.

Somehow I think when taking pictures vertically or framing a photo in the portrait mode, a photographer is forced to focus more deeply in getting depth and perspective of the scenery as best as can be. Also, I think the camera sensor is being made to read more contrasting lights from the bottom frame to the top frame and somehow make the best of the lighting conditions.

But ultimately, composition is key to any picture I think, be it horizontally or vertically.

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