Wild Encounter : Monkey See Monkey Don’t

20 May

Monkeys can be found in many parts of the world. There are many sub-species. In some culture, monkeys are food while in others, they are revered. Just shows how diverse the world is.

Unfortunately in some if not most places, their natural habitats are slowly disappearing. So are these wild creatures and many other wildlife. Fortunately, we still have small pockets of nature and these wild creatures can still be found there.

Last Sunday, I had a wild encounter with two chameleons. Last Tuesday, it was a wild encounter with monkeys at Pulau Ubin. They can be found in the protected pockets of the rainforests here. They were not afraid of people. One bold fellow came down from the trees and jumped to one of the bicycles parked here.

What was so interesting? Apparently it was fascinated by an empty yellow plastic bag left in the front basket of the bicycle. The thief took off with the plastic bag and climbed up a nearby tree. It remained there for quite a bit and I managed to snap this photo.

Bear in mind, nature parks have a frail eco-system. Do our part. Preserve and protect our forests for the future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Nature Parks Don’t

  • Do not feed the monkeys and other wild creatures.
  • Do not leave your bags or plastic bags unattended.
  • Do not throw rubbish behind – “Leave only footprints behind”.
  • Look where you step, it is a fragile eco system.
  • Leave the creatures, flora and fauna alone.
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