Glimpses of Pulau Ubin

16 May

Tomorrow our family are heading to Pulau Ubin for a picnic.

Seems a bit strange that I have been to most of the other southern islands like Sentosa, St John Island, Kusu Island and the nearby islands and yet have never set foot to Pulau Ubin.

I used to live on Pulau Tekong, the largest island belonging to Singapore. It is now a base for military training of new recruits. The nearby islands are Pulau Tekong Kecil, Pulau Jahat and of course Pulau Ubin. How ironic to be so nearby and yet it seems so far.

I will get my wish tomorrow. The departure point is at Changi Ferry Terminal. Need to ask the boat captains where they are heading. Some boats go to Pulau Ubin, others go to Pulau Tekong and others go to the nearby Indonesian islands. Best to ask before it is too late.

My late auntie married a local man from Pulau Ubin and from what cousins said, they still have a plantation there. The kampongs are still there but the village population have much declined as many have moved to the housing estates in the mainland. This is one of the last place in Singapore where a rustic life can still be found. Yet modernisation has moved in the habitat. There are chalets and hotels here now. It is also a haven for mountain cycling.

I remembered reading a newspaper article how the regular postman here knows every family on the island. There are no numbered mail boxes or a well defined road here. Everything is remembered by heart and mind.

I look forward to seeing it tomorrow. Reminds me a lot where I come from.

More pictures tomorrow.


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