Extraordinary Life, Extraordinary People

08 May

Photo Credit : Joe Zachariah at

I like the simplicity of the bird picture. Very artistic. Pictures can convey a thousand emotions. But when you dig further and find the story behind the picture, a rich tapestry unfolds. There is more to this picture than what is plainly seen. This work of art is hand painted by a 90 year old lady from India.

Once in a while, I come across a story that is so compelling that it needs to be told again and again. We all can learn from this remarkable and inspiring lady.

I get to know of her story from another blogger, Joe. Originally published in Joe’s Blog – Lata’s mummy. The pictures the article refers to can be found in the original blog.


What you see is only the corner of a table cloth which is hand painted. There are 15 such figures on the table cloth and believe it or not its done by an 88 year old lady. When people talk about retirement and taking life easy after 60, here is a lady who is very busy and innovative with stitching, painting, embroidery and what not.

The flowers in the forefront seen in the above picture was created by simply painting old withered flowers. Her artistic skills really amaze me.

Not only is she occupied, her work sells like hot cake and she is hard pressed for time. In line with the need of being eco friendly and cost effective, the bird nest seen below was made by simply rolling old news papers and painted.

Last year she learned how to use the net and send e mails. So now all her relatives who are flung all over the world just waits for her mails.

Flying and jet lag does not bother her as she is now planning another trip to Australia to visit her son and family who are settled there.

A true inspiration for today’s younger generation who gets flustered by the drop of a hat.


Click on the link to read the original story with more pictures – Encounter with a Superstar : Lata’s Mummy

Thanks for sharing your story, Joe! 

What is your passion in life? Be it sewing, painting, cooking, writing, photographing….whatever that be….do it with heart and soul. Let the artist in you free reign, lighten your spirit and soul and maybe you can be as remarkable as this lady.

Edit : Realised that yesterday was Mother’s Day. Should have mention this in this post. A happy belated Mother’s Day to Lata’s mother and all the mummy out there. You are a woman one hopes to be 🙂

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