Blue-Green Sea, Green Mountain – Tioman Island

28 Apr

Tioman Island - view from the jetty

I was just there last month. The beach and mountain scenery is beautiful!

This is the view as seen from the jetty. The bright yellow hut really stands out. The place belongs to a retail shop opposite selling tropical island clothes. There is a store room there and next to it, there are plenty of seats – idyll for watching the scenery goes by and waiting for the ferry. Walk further to the left side, that is where Paya Beach Resort is located.

The sand here is rather course and there are lots of big rocks at the beach. The tides, waves and currents here are very strong. So be careful when swimming. For safety concern, it may be a good idea to wear the floating devices.

You can even see the sea corals from the jetty. Several years ago the sea corals were dying due to overfishing. Today the corals are very much protected. The green mountains are left unspoilt as they should be. There are mountain trekking tours here if anyone is interested. We did not try that as our parents are old and have walking difficulties.

It is really quiet and peaceful here. Bring back memories of living in a kampong.

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