Photography : Light, Shadows, Composure

25 Mar

I had actually forgotten about these series of photos taken at sunset from Orchard Central. Only posted one photo in a post some time back.

Took another look today. Here is what I find.


Unedited sunset photo

Because the camera was pointed directly at the sun, the sensor measured the brightest thing in the frame. The rest, especially the plants on the right frame were left in shadows. I just read a photography book today that pointing the camera directly into the sun can damage the camera sensor permanently. Oops. Mine bad.

Time to do a bit of editing. I finally figured out how to use the “Curve” function a few months ago in the photo editing software. Most photo editing software has this function. I’m using Olympus Master which comes together when I bought the DSLR a few years ago.

Opening the window shows a histogram-like chart. There is a diagonal line across the chart. The left side indicates the darkest part of the photo and the right side lightens the tone. To lighten the right frame, just click a point somewhere along the bottom left side line and bring it slightly upwards. A slight tweak on the top right curve line and brings it slightly downward to add a bit of depth. It is a matter of trial and error. Haven’t figured out how to do a screen capture yet. Hope this makes sense. The rest just experimenting with saturation and colour.

Here is the edited version. BTW, I love the wire sculptures. Simple yet artistic.


Sunset in Orchard Road

Sunset view from Roof Garden of Orchard Central


It is so amazing the different results that come about when the camera frame is moved at a slight angle. This photo was taken only about a few minutes apart from the first photo. The background was almost totally white, not much hint of the bright sunset. Since the camera was pointed at the hotels in the middle of the frame, the sun rays were blocked from the photo frame. But enough sunlight was on the green plants on the right frame to make it look like the middle of the day. If I am not wrong, the time was already past 7.15pm then.

Roof Garden at Orchard Central near Entrance

Just experiment away. There is so much to discover and learn in photography. I hope photography brings you fun and joy!

Don’t forget tomorrow, 26 March, is Earth Hour 2011. In Singapore, lights out from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Please do your part.

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