Monday News Update for Japan Earthquake

14 Mar

Another blast at Fukushima nuclear plant

On Monday, 14 March 2011, 11.01am, what was believed to be another hydrogen blast occurred at No. 3 reactor of the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant injuring 11 people – including 4 employees and 4 Self-Defense Force members.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said that so far there was no abnormal rise in radiation around the compound of the plant.

Death Toll

Miyagi police feared that 1,000 bodies had been washed ashore following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday, 11 March 2011. About 10,000 out of Minami-sanriku’s Town 17,000 residents are unaccounted for.

In Miyagi, 700-850 people had been confirmed dead though police expected the final death toll to exceed 10,000.

In Iwate Prefecture, 574 people had been confirmed dead.

In Fukushima Prefecture, 420 people had died and 1,200 people remain missing.

In Rikuzen-takata City, the search for survivors and retrieval of victims’ bodies are still on but officials are facing  difficulties due to changing seawater levels.

In total, 1,834 people were confirmed dead with more than 10,000 missing in northern and eastern Japan.

Fear of major aftershocks

Japan had been striken with aftershocks nearly 200 times since Friday. Within the next 3 days, Japan’s Meteorological Agency expect major aftershocks to follow with magnitude of 5 and higher (Japanese scale of zero to seven). The likelihood of that happening remains at 40 percent,  said agency expert Takashi Yokota. He warned that if the focus is close to the epicenter of the initial earthquake, the aftershock may be from six minus to six plus and may trigger another tsunami.

Source : NKH World

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