Between Switzerland and New Zealand

16 Feb

There is no way to compare the two countries and say one is better than the other. Each has its own uniqueness. Cost wise, it is true that a holiday in Switzerland can cost more than in New Zealand.

Both have spectacular landscape and jaw dropping mountain scenery. That is one of the reason for my fascination with visiting Switzerland and New Zealand. When you are so high up on the mountains, the air is so fresh, the sky such a dark blue, it is an adrenaline crash when it is time to get down.

In this post are random pictures of Switzerland and New Zealand. Enjoy the scenery!

Queenstown, New Zealand

Lake wakatipu, Queenstown

Lake wakatipu, Queenstown

Milford Sound Waterfall

Waterfall in Milford Sound

Mt Cook and New Zealand mountains

Kayak, seals at Nelson

Kayak, seals at Nelson

sunset in wanaka

Red Sunset in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Structures in Wellington, New Zealand

Sunset in Wellington, New Zealand

Aerial view

Winter in Saas Fee, Switzerland


Cozy chalet architecture, Switzerland

Buried in snow

Buried in snow, Switzerland

Winter hiking

Winter Hiking in Nierderhorn

Mountain magic. It is winter time!

Swiss Chalets


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