One Simple Way to Increase Traffic – Photo Tagging

15 Feb




Matterhorn black and white

Matterhorn black and white

A picture can convey a thousand emotions and reactions.

If you have a photo blog, one simple way to increase traffic and send the search engine is to tag your photos. Not just the tags at the end of each post published. That helps too.

Before uploading the photo to WordPress Media Library or Flickr, tag the photos first. 


1. Open the folder where the file is saved

2. Right Click the mouse

3. Go to Properties (at the very bottom)

4. Click on Summary

5. Look for Keywords

6. Type the tags with relevance to the photo

7. Type your name as the author and title the photo if you want too.

Without much networking, the search engine will come by. Chances are increased if blogging is done regularly.

What to post?

Current events happening around the area. For example, during December, post about the Christmas Light Up and include pictures with different tags for each photo. I still get search engine result for this post even though the event is over. Somewhere out there, someone is searching for information.

Just one photo can generate continuous search engine result. I like this photo of the Matterhorn – glad that it still bring visitors this way.

Thanks for reading and dropping by here. Hope the information and photos here are useful.

Till next time, have a great day!

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