Sale! Let’s Shop!

21 Jan
CNY - Year of the Rabbit

Window Display of Chinese New Year Sale - Paragon

A bit of a dramatic heading but this applies to today’s post. Yes, sale and shopping.

It seems that almost every weekend there is a sale going on. Shopping is such an enjoyable pastime and if you are not careful, a drain on the wallet. But hey, if you have to work hard, it is only fair to enjoy life too.

I see many ladies in high heels even during the weekends. But if you are going to troll from mall to mall, it is best to wear comfortable shoes.

There’s a saying “Shop, shop till you drop!”. Next post will not cost you a single cent.

CK Tang Celebrates Chinese New Year

chinese new year sale

Supersize Rabbit next to Mannequin at CK Tang Shopping Mall


Sale at Metro Paragon


Iluma Shopping Mall - Window Display


Women Clothing at Raffles City Shopping Mall

raffles city shopping mall

Souvernirs, Gifts and Presents at Raffles Shopping Mall

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