Go Green I Bid Thee

13 Jan

Warning label : Read with caution and between the lines.

See plants. Go green. No Envy. Get Poison Ivy.

Sustainable Architecture

What Goes Up must Come Down


Tropical Building

Grow Green Building

Seeing double?

Notice the similarities? Nope, they are not the same building.

Similar features but were built on two separate locations.

What goes up must come down.

Both features trailing leaves or greenery along the length of the buildings. I suppose there is no need to water the plants? Or are they trees? If the branches or roots grow long enough to reach the ground, hey, there is another way up and down the building! No need to call Spiderman or Rapunzel to let down her hair.

I dub thee “Eco Buildings”. Sprout free, trailing greenies. Go forth, multiply. The ground is thy limit. Hmmm….get it?

Was that Poison Ivy talking in my head?

Did someone just mention “Get serious?!”

Follow the next trail…….

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