Gaga over Polaroid

08 Jan


Who else am I talking about other than Lady Gaga?

I haven’t been reading the news much so it came as a surprise that she had been the Creative Director of Polaroid since April 17 last year. Interesting collaboration.

For a moment there I thought it was a publicity stunt when I read the news about the stuff she was hawking at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It is good to know that Polaroid is still around. Hasn’t that technology been around already for taking photos from your sunglasses?

In these days of constantly evolving technology, keeping pace and exceeding better than your competition are keys for survival in today’s business. I love the fact these technological advancement present better choices for buyers and keen competition hopefully keep prices down.

Camera Phones

Does anyone ever think that one day someone is going to present a camera phone with DSRL capabilities? Ever thought that maybe the camera per se is going to be extinct? Why carry a separate DSLR camera, phone or laptop when it can be combined in one device? I know the tablet phones are heading in that direction but the camera functions have yet to reach full potential. Right now the bulk of good quality DSLR can be cumbersome when you just want to travel light.

Anyways, good luck to Polaroid and hoping for more functional gadgets for 2011.

Let’s sing along  “..gaga gaga oh..lala…….bad romance”


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4 responses to “Gaga over Polaroid

  1. LL

    January 11, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I don’t doubt that camera phones will keep improving. My 2 year old camera phone takes amazing night shots compared to my point and shoot camera (doesn’t take night shots well at all w/o flash). Not sure about reaching dslr levels though. It’s more likely that they will reach the quality of older dslr models as newer, better dslrs are being produced every year.

    • hasayang

      January 11, 2011 at 8:06 pm

      Which camera phone are you using? iphone? I love my new camera phone, HTC Desire Z, but it doesn’t take good night shots but it does have flash. Day shot is not too bad. There are several good apps for photo taking – some even provide cool filter effects. As for DSLR quality..hmm..well if they can produce mirrorless cameras with DSLR-like functions and quality..I think it is entirely possible. Technology is gearing for compact things. On the other hand, I actually prefer a standalone camera that function as what a camera does – preferably in a compact size.

      • LL

        January 12, 2011 at 8:24 am

        My phone is basic barebones – not smart or touchscreen. I haven’t really justified paying a monthly data plan and having a smartphone w/o a plan just seems pretty pointless. There are ebooks/itouch/netbook for free wifi after all =/

        For cameras, I have been looking into the lumix dmc-lx5, canon s95 and the like. Both are pretty compact (point and shoot) and though canon seems to be tiny, its specs and basic manual functions seems to be lacking. I am leaning towards the lumix since it is closest to dslr quality without the bulk, but the canon seems to be cheaper.

  2. hasayang

    January 12, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    LL, thanks for your comments and sharing your point of views. Hope you get the camera you are aiming for. As for me, I am aiming for a Nikon, something above 14MP or maybe a Canon. Will see 😉


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