Dawn Awakening and Dusk Reminiscent

02 Jan

What the heck does the title means? Bear with me….

On the way to Snowy Mountain, Australia

Dawn Awakening - on the way to Snowy Mountain, Australia

The first picture was taken on the way to the Snowy Mountain in Australia. August 1992 – that was how long it was. We met the driver of the van around 6.30am so this picture was taken around 7.30am. Sleepy as I was, I remembered the changing lights on the passing landscape. It was winter with mist surrounding the landscape – creating such a surreal world.

Dawn is the start of a brand new day – an awakening of sort. New hopes, resolutions and dreams.

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The second picture was taken on 17 December 2010 in Singapore. I was waiting for the Christmas Light Up in Orchard Road to start at 7pm. Leaning against the railing outside ION Orchard, opposite is Wheelock Place, adjacent is Shaw Tower/House and the other opposite is CK Tang. Quite a strategic location.

I noticed that the sky was still blue and the surrounding lights made an interesting landscape. So I braced the camera against the railing and start shooting. I like the effect of the street light on the far left. Dusk hours can be so interesting, be it in a natural landscape setting or in the city.

Well dusk hours is the end of the day – a closure of sort.

Dawn – a new beginning. Dusk – a closure. Tomorrow a new cycle begins.

Yesterday, 1.1.11, was the start of the new year. As I type this, it is 7pm and dusk hours on Sunday – end of the day and week. A start and an end.

Till tomorrow, dream big dream large!

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