Fun Winter Activities

11 Dec


winter activity

Winter Sport - Snowboarding

What to do when it is winter?

I wish I could ski. Or snowboard. I really do.

But I just couldn’t make the turn and always fumbled when it came to turning left. Well the ski instructor said everyone had one leg stronger than the other. Watching the little kids ski so effortlessly was no help when I felt like a complete idiot. Didn’t think it would help much if I try snowboarding next time.

Another snow activity that don’t require much skill is snowshoeing. It allows easier walking on deep snow – almost like putting a sledge on your shoes. Good exercise without the awkwardness.  There is no need to wait for winter time when it comes to ice-skating. I had tried that and it was a whole lot of fun when there were friends or family together.

When there is so much snow on the ground, making a snowman is the ultimate fun thing to do as a family. After that, it is a snow fight! Duck!

My next agenda is to try snowshoeing.

Wish me luck!

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