Photography : Experimenting with White Balance and Camera

30 Nov

Over the years, through experiments in landscape photography, I noticed a few things. This is for sharing.

In the last post I mentioned about changing the auto setting for white balance to tungsten. Below are two examples showing the result when both settings are used.

Beatenberg, Switzerland

Beatenberg, Niederhorn - Switzerland

Auto White Balance

Top view Niederhorn

Beatenberg, Niederhorn - Switzerland

White Balance = Tungsten

In this case, I think the better photo is the one with the white balance setting changed to tungsten. My preference lean towards blue colors. So far, I managed to send these types of photos without any editing to the photo agencies and had been accepted.

However the same setting does not always yield the same result. Below are two more examples. The colors in the first photo look unnatural.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

White Balance = Tungsten

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Auto White Balance

Generally, I think if it is bright sunshine with blue sky and a snowy landscape, then the tungsten setting may work. When there is no camera filter around, this function also acts as a natural filter from the glare of the white snow. But, when greenery or other splashes of color are in the same frame, best not to use this setting.

Another fun experiment was using the Night Landscape mode in broad daylight with super bright sunshine. It darkens the picture at the same time the slower shutter speed results in the wispy waterfall.


Sterling Waterfall, Milford Sound, New Zealand
Milford Sound, New Zealand

Night Landscape

Milford Sound Waterfall, New Zealand

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Day Landscape

Photography is a fun hobby. While it is good to know the basics, the rest is experimentation.

So have fun shooting!

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