Photographing Landmark : Avoid Busy Times

20 Nov
Church of the Good Shepard

Church of the Good Shepard, Tekapo - New Zealand

Church of the Good Shepard, Tekapo - New Zealand

Church of the Good Shepard, Tekapo - New Zealand

The above pictures showcase the ever popular Church of the Good Shepard. It is the iconic landmark in Tekapo, New Zealand. Almost every tour bus stops here and there is a constant stream of people visiting.

At which times to avoid big crowd? Here is a list of some of the bus schedules that stop at Lake Tekapo. Avoid these times if you can.

Intercity/Newsman – 11.10 am, 12 nn, 3.40 pm

Atomic Shuttle – 10.40 am, 6.45 pm

Southern Link – 1.30 pm – 2.10 pm

Naked bus – 10 am & 2.10 pm

Mt Cook Shuttle – 8 am & 5.30 pm

Lake Tekapo is spectacular in whatever season. Snow is not always guaranteed in winter. It is a pity that most people are here as a stop0ver. If you are staying here overnight, watch the amazing night sky. Even better if you have at least 2 hours to spare hiking to Mount John. [Edit : Hiking trail takes between 2 and half hours to 3 and a half hours].

If planning to photograph any popular landmarks, do some research before you go, avoid those busy hours and if you have time to spare, recce the area before shooting. Best of luck because weather is so unpredictable.

Till next time, have fun shooting!


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2 responses to “Photographing Landmark : Avoid Busy Times

  1. Galen Leeds Photography

    October 7, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Unpredictable weather can be a good thing at times, because it can give you good, dramatic clouds instead of just boring blue skies

    • hasayang

      October 8, 2011 at 3:03 pm

      I totally agree. 😉


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