Another Qantas A380 re-landed in Singapore Changi Airport

06 Nov

On Friday night – 05/11/2010 – another Qantas A380 jet returned to Singapore Changi Airport for an emergency landing. The plane landed safely at 9.21pm with 412 passengers, 3 flight crew and 16 cabin crew on board.

There had been speculations that a material failure or a design issue had caused an engine from Qantas QF32 to explode while it was on its way from Singapore to Sydney on Thursday.

Specialists from Airbus arrived in Singapore to investigate the accident. Meanwhile Airbus had urged all airlines operating the jumbo A380s fleet with Rolls-Royce engines to do “inspections to ensure continuous safe operations of the fleet”.

Source : Yahoo News 2nd Source : Today

This is not good news. I do not want to fly right now. Something is definitely wrong with the A380 fleet. Personally I hate very big planes. Just wonder about that heavy load. With a bigger plane, there are more people on board while there are only several toilets. I expect sometime soon National Geographic TV series on aeroplanes will have this episode investigated.

Let’s hope they find the flaw soon and everyone can have a peaceful flight.

[Edit : Add on the time and the number of people on board. Info from Today]

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