The Road to Milford Sound, New Zealand

09 Oct

New Zealand – on the way to Milford Sound

Part 1 – Milford Sound

The road to Milford Sound is one part of the wonderful scenery to Milford Sound. Whatever seasons, early morning, you will see frost on the road. On your way back, the scenery are dramatically changed as the frost has melted and the landscape look very different from this morning.

More on Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound here.

If staying in Queenstown, the bus will pick you up around 6.30am and return to your accommodations is around 7.30pm. Schedules change from season to season and depends on the bus operators.

Before you reach Milford Sound, you will reach a one-way tunnel. Hold on to your seats! It is totally dark – only lights come from the bus. Listen to the bus driver as he tells you the history of the tunnel.


Spring - Fog on the Road to Milford Sound



Spring - Sheeps and more Sheeps



Down the twisted Road to Milford Sound



Winter fog - on the Road to Milford Sound



Winter - Landscape totally shrouded in Fog



Winter Sunset - The Road from Milford Sound


This is just the road heading there – we have yet to reach the destination. More photos in Part 2 – Milford Sound.

Have a good weekend! 🙂

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