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03 Oct

Spring time in Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand


When I first started this blog, I have no idea which direction I am going. As time goes by, it is apparent that this is moving more towards a travelogue. I have tons of picture and plenty of stories to tell. I have articles that I had written two years ago just sitting in the computer, doing nothing.  

Like this article, here and here, the articles were written in moments of inspiration after I was trying to psyche myself into turning a negative experience into a positive one.  

So the articles finally join the blogging cyberspace on 19 and 20 September 2010 respectively. I have come to realise that travel and photography are my two favourite things that I can share and also learn from others.  

I have travelled to many places and yet I keep returning to New Zealand again and again. In fact, all my accommodations in New Zealand had been booked for August this year but a niggling doubt lingered on my mind so I left the booking for the airfare till the last moment. As it was, family tragedy put my travel plan on hold.  

So, I have lots of information to share about New Zealand. If you have stumbled upon this blog and plan to head there, hope this place gives you some information and ideas on what things to do there. I’ll be posting more information in the coming days on travelling tips in New Zealand.  

I will also post other travel places and bits of information that hopefully is useful to you.  

If you have dreams of travelling, go for it, make it a reality instead of dreaming. Bon voyage!

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