Deadlines, Deadlines, I am DEAD!

27 Sep

Tips in surviving the rat race and managing deadlines.


Arrange files in sequence of deadlines, either left to right or right to left. The project with the closest deadline will be placed either extreme left or right, depending on preference. Some may prefer organising alphabetically by project name or project serial number (if any). Whatever works for you. I find it easier to manage time when the deadlines are clearly displayed in their order of urgency.

Develop a Schedule

List the number of tasks needed for each project and indicate their estimated timeframe of completion. If you are behind schedule, decisions have to be made whether to delay the project delivery or carry on to speed up the process.

Budget Allocation

For all projects, budget is an important aspect. Keep track of progress and the bills accumulated. There should be a budget projection for each stage. An example :

Advertising budget  – $10,000

Cost of event              – $50,000

Clean-up                      – $5,000

Total budget                 $65,000

Clean up the Clutter

A messy workstation means a messy brain. Unless you strive on chaos and that is how you like it and it works for you! 😉

Air Freshener

It works wonder in improving your mood. Feeling angry and frustrated? Spray on lavender air freshener – it will calm your mood. How about citrus? It keeps you awake. Of course all this advise is useless if you are allergic and have no sense of smell. 😉

Eat Brain Food

Munch on nuts, raisins or even bananas. Get the vitamins and minerals to energise your brain, especially after a heavy lunch when it is so tempting to doze off.

Have a great working day!


[This writer is counting deadlines and in serious need of a vacation.]

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