The Rustic Life

24 Sep

A moment in time.

My parents are my greatest inspiration. They married late in life – father was 34 and mother was 26. It was hard to get jobs those days. When father lost his job, he turned to fishing. Fresh fish and tapioca – so yummy.

We lived in a village, on an island. Boats ferried passengers to the mainland island, where most jobs were found. Boys and girls cycled to school and some walked.

There was no electricity and kerosene lamps were the main source of lighting. When our family well dried up, buckets of water had to be fetched from the village public well, one hundred metres away. Cooking was done over firewood. When it rained, water seeped through the attap roof.

Chickens fought, birds sang their melodies while the forest floor trembled with life. Catching spiders, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, jumping from the pier – fun memories.

No running water, indoor plumbing, tv or plush surrounding. But it was home and the way of life back then.

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