Obsession, obsession, obsession, thy my downfall!

18 Sep

I confess. I am ruled by my obsessions.

How many pair of shoes can a woman have? Never too many! There is the purple and blue hiking boots, another pair in brown, yet another in waterproof green. That is not counting the wedges in gold, bronze and black pairs, four inch platforms in cream, blue and white. Then there are comfortable flat sandals and slippers. I could go on and on….

And a gal need a matching bag. The sporty and the working professional looks need different styles of bags. Weekends are for the haversacks. Weekdays are for the hand bags, in varieties and colours. Looking for one with a tassle, I finally found one in salmon pink at an Isetan sale, together with a Perllini sling bag.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. To this day, I still don’t understand how I progress from buying custom jewellery to making one. Perhaps the flexibility of dismantling and assembling them? Hmm…There was even a time when I sold my creations on ebay. 

Now books. J D Robb and Christine Feehan are automatic buy. Ongoing series, complex stories, multiple mysteries. Lost in the literacy world – I need to know the ending, dang it!

Magazines – what would I do without you? Her World, Female, Simply Her. Pretty outfits, beauty tips and of course the freebies!

Reality TVs are here to stay I’m afraid. Who can escape American Idol – the most popular reality show I believe. My favourites – Adam Lambert, David Cooke and for a time, Clay Aiken.

On that note, Adam Lambert was here in Feb 2010 in Singapore doing an Acoustic Tour. No tickets were sold. I was one of the lucky people with the winning number by buying the CD. The concert was held at the Universal Studio in Sentosa when it was not officially opened yet. So we were among the lucky people to get first look at Universal Studio. Adam Lambert, along with others like Daughtry, Missy Eliot and Mariah Carey will be here for the F1 Concert in Singapore from 25 – 26 Sept 2010. Two shows from Adam Lambert : 25 and 26 Sept 2010. Yummy! Still haven’t decided if I should go or not, I hate large crowd!

Yes, my obsessions. You give me wings to fly and at times dug me underground.

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